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Change comes through relationships.

Being an Arches coach is all about building relationships that make a difference.


The Arches Coach

As an Arches Foundational Coach, you'll spend time helping a student understand who he or she is. You'll learn about how they're uniquely skilled and help them chart their course for their career. You don't have to have all the answers, skills, or networking connections. You just need the abiliy to listen, ask questions, and walk alongside the student on their own path. The Arches Foundational coach guides the student as they map out their career path. They meet with students one-on-one, work with Arches partner companies to match students with their company mission, help facilitate Arches experiences with students and partners, work on resume building and job interview prep, and much more. Essentially, the Foundational Coach generally oversees the student's Arches experience.


What makes a good coach?

You've likely been on your own career path at some point in your life, so you know the basics. But a career path isn't just about a job. It's about the whole person: their skills and passions, their dreams and hopes, their challenges and strengths. Good coaches are good at asking questions and are great listeners. If you're considering becoming an Arches coach, here are some questions to ask yourself: Are you passionate to see students and our community thrive? Do you have an hour or two per week to work with a student? Can you think holistically? - This is a basic Arches value. We recognize that success in life is dependent on more than just education and a network. Though these are important, we believe that the more the whole person is equipped, the more likely they will flourish.


How will I spend my time?

Being an Arches Foundational Coach varies in time commitment, depending on how many students you coach and their current stage of carrer development. You'll spend time in one-on-one sessions, accompanying them to subject matter meetings, and attending Arches events throughout the school year. While it varies, it generally takes an average of 2 hours per week per student that you work with.


Let's Connect

Arches works out of the Hub at the International District Economic Development Center


Arches Career Accelerator

111 Wyoming Blvd NE

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